1. The meeting minutes have been posted from our 1st general body meeting of the semester. If you missed the meeting please check them out to see what was discussed!

2. *NEW* project! Interested in art? Help organize a display of CASPAR residents' art! More info- send an e-mail!

3. On-going Projects:

*Food Salvage: We are looking for volunteers to give an hour or two of their time weekdays before 10 am. Please contact our food salvage chair for more details!

*CASPAR: Join our new mailing list for CASPAR volunteers! E-mail to be added to <caspar-vol>!

*Saturday/Sunday Bread: Trips planned for October 2nd and November 6th. 12pm-5pm including travel time.

*Hunger/Homelessness Awareness Week: November 16-22. Be on the lookout for more info and ways to volunteer!

*Walk for Hunger: 1st Sunday in May. For this year we are planning to get lots of donations and tee-shirts for all of our walkers!