Annual Events

Study Breaks (Weekly)

Every week one suite cooks up something delicious (fully funded by the floor funds) for everyone to enjoy. There's nothing like grabbing a brownie mid problem set and taking a few minutes to catch up with everyone on the floor!

IFAFs (Ongoing)

InterFloor Activity Funds are trips that are subsidized by a Burton Conner budget to encourage interfloor events. Each semester we try to organize 2 or more of these trips. Last year's approved IFAFs: Camping with all of Connerside, Bowling, Rock Climbing, and Apple Picking!

Freshmen/Senior Dinners (Freshmen in Fall, Seniors in Spring)

The floor pays for all the dinners of attending freshmen to welcome them to the floor. This happens in the Spring too to wish the seniors the best of luck in their new journeys!

Holiday Dinner (First Week in December)

Every year each suite cooks something and we all sit and enjoy a Thanksgiving-like feast. The Floor Superlatives are usually handed out at this event, and everyone gets a laugh upon hearing who is most likely to be walking around the floor at 3AM!

Dinner with the Housemasters (Annual)

One night a year, we are invited to the Housemasters suite to enjoy food and to be welcomed into the dorm.

Finals Dinners (Last week of the semester)

At the end of every semester, our GRTs cook dinner for us each night during finals week so we don't have to! Floor favorites include stir fry, tacos, and pizza night.

BC Halloween Pumpkin Carving (Fall)

Run by our own GRTs, pumpkin carving is an event that C5 is always involved in. Pumpkins made by C5ers range from monsters spewing pumpkin goop brains to a stunningly well crafted Abraham Lincoln.

BC Apple Bake (Fall)

The annual Apple Bake brings everyone in the dorm together, whether each person chooses to cook something or just to sample the dishes after judging! Each floor is given the same amount of apples, and it is up to the residents to make them into something delicious. Prizes are awarded for everything from best main course to best sculpture.

BC Finals Desserts Study Breaks (Last week of the semester)

Our Housemasters are kind enough to set up this dessert extravaganza during finals week each semester. They open their apartment to everyone in the dorm, and every surface is covered with every dessert imaginable. This is not an exaggeration.

BC Boat Cruise (Spring)

In the spring, all of BC is invited to take a river cruise on the Charles. This event includes free appetizers, dinner, and dancing! There's nothing like having fun with friends in the nice spring weather.