Conner 3 Alumnae

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Tad Artis, Class of '86

Undergraduate major: 6-1
Current Location: California
Current Endeavor:  Self-employed

Bob Gruber, Class of '87 (Also GRT '90-'94)

Email: bob.gruber (at)
Undergraduate major: 6, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Current Location: Palo Alto, CA
Current Endeavor:  Google

Shane Artis, Class of '89

Email: shanega
Undergraduate major: 6-1, Bioelectrical option (also MS and part of a PhD)
Current Location: Short Hills, NJ
Current Endeavor:  Executive Director, Morgan Stanley IT. Raising 2 future MIT kids: Damon '22 and Greyson Artis '24

James Heywood, Class of '91

Email: jheywood
Undergraduate major: 2, Mechanical Engineering
Current Location: Newton, MA
Current Endeavor:  ALS TDF (
Comments: Wish I was still on the Hockey team

Jeffrey L. Schwartz, Class of '92

Email: jlschwartz
Undergraduate major: 6, Electrical Engineering
Current Location: New York, NY
Current Endeavor:  Professor

Benjamin Heywood, Class of '93

Email: nebber
Undergraduate major: 2, Mechanical Engineering
Current Location: Cambridge, MA
Current Endeavor:  Founder, PatientsLikeMe Inc.

Natalya Eliashberg, Class of '93

Email: natalya
Undergraduate major: 10, Chemical Engineering
Current Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Current Endeavor:  IT Business Analyst, self-employed; due to have first baby in early February, i.e . really any day now
Comments: If anyone is coming through Vancouver, let me know. I'll happily show you around - it's a beautiful city.

Jennifer (Moore) Morgan, Class of '94

Email: jengym1 (at)
Undergraduate major: 18C Mathematic, (Minor: 14, Economics)
Current Location: Mason (a suburb of Cincinnati), OH
Current Endeavor:  Mom of Megan Elise, (6/25/03) and Cameron (12/29/06), programming with C#/ASP.NET

Craig Andera, Class of '94

Email: candera (at)
Undergraduate major: 6-1A, Electrical Engineering
Current Location: Virginia, near Washington, D.C.
Current Endeavor:  Own my own software consulting company with my wife Alice Wang (we met on Conner 3). Raising our daughter Ellen (class of 2026?)
Comments:  Greetings to all Conner 3 Alumni Game participants! Sad that the tradition faded.

Kristin White, Class of '95

Email: kristineliz (at)
Major: 2, Mechanical Engineering
Current Location: New York, NY
Current Endeavor:  Operations Consultant

(Shin-I) Alice Wang, Class of '96

Email: alicewang
Undergraduate major: 6-2
Current Location: Washington DC area
Current Endeavor:  independent consultant in Washington DC metro area and Wharton MBA for Executives student

Doug Wyatt, Class of '96

Email: dwyatt
Undergraduate major: 6-3, Computer Science
Current Location: Boston, MA
Current Endeavor:  Doing another startup (
Comments: Know any good CS developers looking for a job? (Editor's note: Maybe that was just a joke for me...)

Rob Wagner, Class of '97

Email: datalore
Undergraduate major: 8, Physics
Current Location: Los Angeles, CA
Current Endeavor:  Patent Law and Lowering my golf handicap in time for 2025 Senior PGA Tour

Ling Shao, Class of '99

Email: lingshao
Undergraduate major: 22, Nuclear Engineering
Current Location: New York, ny
Current Endeavor:  Climbing the corporate ladder

Tanya Zelevinsky, Class of '99

Email: tanyaz
Undergraduate major: 8, Physics, 18, Math
Current Location: Boulder, CO
Current Endeavor:  Postdoc
Comments: Miss all the good times on Conner 3...

Sarah Webster, Class of '99

Email: webster
Undergraduate major: 2, Mechanical Engineering
Current Location: Baltimore, MD
Current Endeavor:  Graduate school, 2nd year, Johns Hopkins University
Comments: Hi everyone! I finally given up being a real engineer for graduate school. (What was I thinking?) The only benefit is that it's cheap to have a boat down here, so if you're coming through town during sailing season (hint: it's a lot longer than it was in Boston or Cape Cod) give me a ring! (Note that DC is still considered "coming through town.")

Isabelle Halphen, Class of '00

Email: isebelle
Undergraduate major: 5, Chemistry, minor in 14, Economics
Current Location: Boston, MA
Current Endeavor:  Harvard Business School. I'm in my second year and will be returning to Morgan Stanley in New York after

Linda Huang, Class of '00

Email: lyhuang
Undergraduate major: 15, Management
Current Location: Philadelphia, PA
Current Endeavor:  Wharton MBA Student

Dan Ratner, GRT '01-'04

Email: dratner
Major: PhD in 5, Chemisty
Current Location: Cambridge, MA
Current Endeavor:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Boston Medical Center

Phil Janowicz, Class of '05

Email: kwijibop (at)
Undergraduate major: 5, Chemisty and 9, Brain and Cognitive Science
Current Location: Champaign, IL
Current Endeavor:  Grad school in Chemical Eduaction
Comments: Hello? I'll hello you!! Go Indians! Screw the Red Sox for trying to sluff off the hurtful Guillermo Mota to nab our up-and-coming star, Coco Crisp! Fie on you, Red Sox. Fie.