Floor Traditions 2002-2003

Some of these might be a little outdated.

Freshman Shower Night
It's an Institute-wide tradition, actually, but is well-celebrated on Conner 2. (Except when we have lame freshman who refuse to get showered) It is always celebrated on the night before the first 8.01 exam.

Senior Dinner
A semi-formal affair including a nice meal, held near the end of the Spring term. The seniors are given humorous gifts to commemorate their four years on Conner 2 and, in turn, make out Last Wills and Testaments to bequeath knowledge and experiences onto the younger generations.

Senior Breakfast
For one day and one day only, seniors cater to the rest of the floor by cooking everyone breakfast.

Freshmen Dinner
A bonding experience when all of the incoming freshmen on the floor gather and provide dinner for the upperclassmen.

Floor Boards
Sometime after the end of an academic year, the floor historian selects photos and momentos to display on a large piece of cardboard. Generally, they are embarrassing or unflattering shots, but we put them up anyway. Many floorboards from years past line the hallways of Conner 2.

Singing Badly
This is a common trait among residents. It manifests for each birthday on the floor.

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