Following is a list of community service opportunities, each listed with a description, contacts, and other relevant information. If you need any help finding a convenient community service activity or in finding other intersted people to form a group, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you know of any community service opportunity which is not listed below, please send us the appropriate information.

Central American Visitors: The Central American Club and the World Affairs Council of Boston work together in the Global Classroom project that visits schools in the area. Would you like to visit an elementary school or high school classroom and talk about our culture, economy, education, and/or religion? How about helping students in classes? Would you like to talk about going to college, MIT, and be a role model to students? Various schools and institutions get in contact with the program in order to get student visitors. Sessions last at most 1 hour, and the date and times are flexible. In the past we have gotten requests to visit schools in Cambridge, Newton, and Boston. Get in contact with us if you would like to participate and make a difference!

Alternative Spring Break: For those of you who feel that you cannot give much of your time during the semester, this group might be ideal for you. You get to travel for a "minimal" charge and visit different parts of the country to help others. Furthermore, and if what has been said is not enough, it will earn you 3-6 PoliSci units on every Spring Break! This next Spring Break they will be going to Puerto Rico!

MIT/CAMBRIDGE Science Expo: This is an opportunity to help organize, judge, and work with children from Cambridge in their science projects. Remember how cool your science fairs where while in school? Talk to us to get involved!

MIT Public Service Center: This link will list tens of community service opportunities in Boston, Cambridge, and the Greater Boston Area.

This page is maintained by Diego Syrowicz, contact for the CA-CLUB of MIT.