Who We Are

We are a diverse group of people who share one common bond: a love for Christ. We come from many parts of the United States and abroad to praise God and learn more about Him while at MIT.

Our ministry is dedicated to taking God's Word and applying it to our daily lives on campus.

We meet Friday nights from 7-8:30pm for Bible Study in the Burton Conner Conference Room, afterwards, we generally continue to fellowship with each other. This term we are doing topical studies, to learn how to apply what God has for us into our daily lives.

On Wednesday nights, we have prayer meeting from 7-8pm. It's an exciting time. In our fellowship we get to fellowship with each other but prayer is focused on fellowshiping with the one who brought us all together.

This semester, we are bringing back family groups. They will meet once a week as determined by the group leaders.

Leadership TEAM: bcf-acl@mit.edu

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