The MIT Assassins' Guild

To err is human...
To forgive is not our policy.

Scheduled Games (Spring 2017)


First and Third Saturday of the month, 8-11:00pm, 36-115

Travel to strange new classrooms. Meet interesting, unusual people, and kill them! Patrol is a high-action game of live combat with rubber-dart guns. Shoot your friends, then watch out as they try to take their revenge.


3/2 through 3/11
GMs: Kendra Beckler, Andrew Menard, Thomas Wohlers, James Hobin, Mikka, Talya Klinger

Supers - people with abilities most only dream of - have risen to
public prominence since the end of the Vietnam War, and there seem to
be more every year. Some become Heroes, some become Villains, and if
there are others, not much is known about them. There are tales of a
few who likely had superhuman abilities going thousands of years back
in human history, Sun Wukong and Hercules and Rama and Joan of Arc and
others, though their abilities have surely been embellished by later
storytellers. Today, Superheroes are commonplace enough that every
major city has an official Defender of the City, whether an individual
or a team, and Supervillains are commonplace enough for the Defenders
to have their hands full. The rise of the Supers has caused a massive
political shift, the old ideological battlegrounds abandoned in favor
of arguing about the legal status of Supers. With the next major
election just around the corner, every electoral vote counts,
especially the three new ones.

"Uncle Sam needs YOU to settle Liberty Island, the soon-to-be 51st
state! The 2018 Homestead Act guarantees ample land grants for all
pioneers moving to the island. You can do your civic duty helping
establish the physical and civil infrastructure of the island.
Candidate superheroes to be the Defender of Dream City are especially

An island is newly risen out of the ocean southwest of California. It
was first discovered on the ocean floor by an underwater expedition
three weeks ago. Then it began to rise. Congress quickly passed a
number of acts regarding this strange new island. It is being declared
a state and hastily settled to solidify the US claim to the land. Some
are touting this new island as the future homeland of the supers, a
place to live in peace with their own kind instead of being drafted by
the military to use their powers as weapons. Others believe this
strange island conceals valuable secrets, historical and technological.

"Greetings, humans of Earth. Due to your achievements in spaceflight,
your species qualifies for entry into the Federation of Peers, the
coalition of all spacefaring races in the universe. We invite you to
send a delegation to the L5 stable point in your moon's orbit to meet
with your Galactic Governors and representatives from the Federation to
discuss the rights and responsibilities of Peer races as well as
particulars about Earth necessary to process membership in the
Federation. We look forward to welcoming you in as a new Peer race."

Two weeks ago, before Liberty Island had even finished rising, the
announcement came, broadcast on every radio frequency and cycling
through the 284 most common human languages (covering 97% of the
population of Earth). The broadcast continued for five days and nights.

Unfortunately, due to recent attacks on spaceports by the ecoterrorist
Supervillain Captain Gaia, and the current reign of terror of the
sinister Supervillain Apocalyptica on the major cities of the world,
the new island is the most likely location for organizing the
delegation and for the launch, as enough Supers and companies and
billionaires will be there to build a new spaceport very quickly. If
this isn't a hoax, for anyone going, the last viable launch window is
ten days from now, on Liberty Island.

Major nations are anxious to be represented at the L5 talks.
Corporations see new market opportunities; politicians see new
electoral opportunities. Heroes, villains, homesteaders, politicians,
builders, researchers, students, CEOs, and more have flocked to Liberty
Island to mold the island to suit their own vision.

Masks is not intended to be a 24/7 game. Many mechanics are limited
hours (6pm-midnight) or limited uses per day or both. We would like
all players to be able to make it into game for an hour or two in
prime time most nights, but missing a night or two should be fine.
Problem sets are welcome in the common room.

Ides of March

Weekend of 3/17
GMs: Ken Clary

Ides a pseudo-annual panel on game writing and design. So if you have
something to say, you can come say it. :)

New speakers are welcome. Undergrad speakers are welcome. Cruft
speakers are welcome. The only requirement is to have written (or be
writing) a game, and have something interesting to say about it.

Slouching towards Bedlam

Weekend of 3/24
GMs: Jesse Ashcraft-Johnson and Will Kalb

Bethlehem Royal Hospital has been your home and prison for the past few
years. The rhythms of daily life in the madhouse have been maybe a
comfort, or maybe a curse. Either way, you've grown accustomed to your
incarceration here.

But recently, the asylum has been disturbed by strange happenings.
Irregular rumblings in the basements, ethereal figures half-glimpsed in
the corners of tired eyes, a hard-to-place miasma of uneasiness
settling over the other inmates.

Even the staff seems perturbed, and their distraction has made it much
easier for you to move freely through the asylum. Now may be your
chance to make your move. All the plans and schemes you've concocted
can finally be put into action. They don't understand. You're not
crazy. You're the only one who isn't crazy!

Slouching Towards Bedlam is a game of insanity and madness. When
everyone else is crazy, your own firm grip on reality is the only thing
you have.

So. Tell me about your mother...

For the Love of Trek

Weekend of 3/31
GMs: Sophie Monahan

As a kid, you held tight to hopes that humanity was more good than
flawed; that we'd approach people who are different than us in a spirit
of cooperation, exploration, and diplomacy; that one day we'd all live
in an egalitarian space utopia. Now more than ever, you'd like to
recapture some of that optimism. That's why you and your friends have
decided to film a brand new fan show. You'll have to work together to
design and act out a story arc for the pilot episode. Can you work
through your differences on and off the set?

This larp is not in the standard Assassins' Guild style. You can expect
interpersonal conflict, but not murder. The larp will proceed in
real-time/real-space within discrete scenes, with jumps in time/place
between scenes. No prior knowledge of Star Trek is expected. There will
be no real-life recording of the game.

Spring Guild Meeting

Weekend of 4/7
GMs: The High Council

Politics and backstabbing *without* character sheets!

Free food! Officer Reports. Free Food! Elections. Free
Food! Standing Policy debates. Did I mention Free Food?! Masterings.

(More seriously, the Spring Guild meeting is when elections happen. Current
students, if you do not attend, we cannot elect anyone to Grandmaster or
Secretary of the Exchequer, and then the Guild will stop running.)

Neo Yokio: The LARP: The Anime!!

Weekend of 4/21
GMs: Mehitabel Glenhaber, Robert Rusch, Taylor Sims

"Neo Yokio is the greatest city in the world. It is the most populous
urban agglomeration in North America. But its prestige does not merely
stem from its size. From Bronx prefecture to the aquatic elegance of
Battery Park, Neo Yokio is a diverse of labyrinth of cultural,
architectural, and sartorial innovation. No wonder it plays host to
many of the world's most prestigious events, such as the Grand Prix and
the Lacrosse World Cup.

Of course, whenever a city becomes the envy of the world, problems are
bound to arise. In the 18th century, the first wave of demonic attacks
wreaked havoc on Neo Yokio. From origins unknown, hateful creatures
sought to ravage the city on a mass scale.

In a brilliant move, the mayor brought over magicians from the Old
World, colloquially called ratcatchers, to exorcise the demons from the
city. In exchange for citizenship, these magi used their powers to
cleanse Neo Yokio. Many of their descendants are now part of Neo Yokio
high society, adding to our rich cultural tapestry. Although demonic
threats have been greatly minimized, you will still be subject to
search and questioning at our discretion. Please have your documents
ready, and welcome to Neo Yokio."

- Neo Yokio Board of Tourism, sponsored by Ralph Lauren

Based on the award winning anime by the lead singer of Vampire Weekend,
starring Jaden Smith, comes an all new real-space collaborative
simulation community theater experience… Neo Yokio: The LARP: The
Anime!! ! Don't be hikikomori, come and play!

(No capitalisms were deconstructed in the making of this game)

It's Raining on Miskatonic Valley Prom Night

Weekend of 4/28
GMs: Spencer Lane, Kimberly Beder, Haley Bates, and Rachel Nations

The Moon is Full
The Stars are Right
May I have this dance tonight?

Miskatonic Valley Prep. 1953. It's been raining all week. You dry off
in the cloak room and make your way to the gymnasium. It's Prom night.
It isn't entirely how you imagined it would be. Where are the
chaperones? What's this music that you haven't heard before? You don't
have time to think about that though - you have some things to take
care of and anyway, it's Prom night!

Revived: A Support Group for the Partially Deceased

Weekend of 5/5
GMs: Laura Boylan, Peter Litwack, Ashleigh La Porta

An Unconventional Zombie LARP by Kat Jones
"We are not Zombies, we are the Partially Deceased."

Revived provides a safe space of mutual respect and non-judgment where
Partially Deceased Syndrome (PDS) patients can build community and
support one another as they navigate the realities of everyday life.
Join us for a free, safe, confidential drop-in group for PDS patients
who are experiencing a challenging reintegration into society. Feel
heard, valued, understood, nurtured and energized.

At Revived we acknowledge the enormous challenges that PDS patients can
face in the world, whether it is at work, at home, or out in public.
Our vision is to provide an opportunity for all PDS patients to engage
in a Revived group that provides them with the support, education and
community they need to flourish as they re-enter their previous lives.

[OOG] Revived is a zombie LARP inspired by the BBC show In the Flesh.
This larp centers on the zombies' perspective and the challenges of
coming back from the dead, rather than a more traditional zombie larp
where players are fighting or running from zombies. Players take on the
role of rehabilitated zombies re-entering their previous lives.
Characters will deal with the responses of their family and friends to
their return, the prejudice they face from the general populace, and
guilt over what they did in their "untreated" state.

Content warnings: The subject matter will not be horribly dark but each
character will deal with unique and challenging emotional issues
including death, prejudice, and guilt. Some characters will have killed
people in their "untreated" state. There may be conflict between
characters that is evocative of real life conflict in
minority/marginalized/activist groups.

LARP structure: Players will fill out a casting survey in advance. The
LARP will begin with workshopping where the players will
collaboratively develop aspects of the world beyond the basic scenario,
and engage in brief trust building exercises. They will play out a
support group meeting, spend some time thinking about what their
character does between sessions, play a second group meeting, and then

Madoka Magica: Queen of Hearts

Weekend of 5/12
GMs: Michael Behr, Rachel Nations

*Off with her head!*
Some of the strongest magical girls you knew have gone to face the
city's latest witch - none have returned. You few are left, and maybe
together you can strike down the witch where alone the others failed.
But whispers drift through the streets every midnight: that the Queen
of Hearts sits on a throne that can never remain empty...

Madoka Magica: Queen of Hearts is a SIK game, written for one squad of
players at a time.