The MIT Assassins' Guild

To err is human...
To forgive is not our policy.

Contact Information

The officers of the Assassins' Guild are known collectively as the High Council. Current members are:

Grandmaster Haley Brandt-Erichsen
Governing officer and liason to the administration
Vicemaster Rachel Nations
Assistant to the Grandmaster and head of publicity
Scribe Benjamin Lehnert
Records meetings and conducts general correspondance for the Guild
Secretary of the Exchequer Spencer Lane
Handles funding and supplies
Sergeant at Arms Tom Boning
Maintains the Guild armory, keeps the Grandmaster in check, and ensures the cleanliness of the office

The High Council can be contacted by email at

Other non-administrative positions are:

Court Wizard Kevin Chen
Maintains Guild computer resources
Sage Beth Baniszewski
Maintains Guild archives