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Thanks for dropping by. At MIT, I prepare mathematical models of novel imaging technology. One part of my work deals with inverse problems in Time-Resolved imaging.

Before coming to MIT, I have been a researcher at EPFL (Switzerland), CUHK (Hong Kong), Temasek Labs/NTU (Singapore) and INRIA-Rennes (France).

I have a long list of role models and I am trying to finish my to-do list.

If I had parallel lives, I would work with each one of my advisors and collaborators (long list).

When I grow up, I would like to be like Thierry Blu.

Ayush Bhandari

Signal Processing | Computational Imaging | Applied Mathematics

Recent Talks

  1. MIT Advanced Research and Technology Symposium

  2. Dept. of EE, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

  3. Dept. of Biomedical Engg., Boston University.

  4. Center of Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge.

  5. Dept. of Statistical Science, University College London.

  6. Dept. of Computing, Imperial College, London.


  1. Signal Processing for Time-of-Flight Imaging Sensors
    to appear in IEEE Signal Processing Magazine (with Ramesh Raskar)

  2. Three papers presented at IEEE ICASSP 2016.

  3. Tutorial: Computational Time of Flight Imaging . | Link |
    with M.Gupta, A. Kadambi and R. Raskar at ICCV 2015, Santiago, Chile.

Recent Papers

  1. Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging via ToF Sensors in Optica
    (with Christopher Barsi and Ramesh Raskar, | Open Access | URL |)

  2. Shift-Invariant and Sampling Spaces Associated with the
    Special Affine Fourier Transform
      (arXiv:1601.05793v1, with Ahmed. I. Zayed)

  3. A Swiss Army Knife for Sparse Sampling (preprint, with Yonina Eldar)


(2015) Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging

(2016) Phase Retrieval for Time-Resolved Imaging

(2013) Coded Time-of-Flight Sensors

Joint work with Achuta Kadambi, Refael Whyte, Chris Barsi, Adrian Dorrington and Ramesh Raskar

Joint work with Chris Barsi and Ramesh Raskar

Joint work with Aurelien Bourquard, Shahram Izadi and Ramesh Raskar